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Read to Lead

Read to Lead is an edtech nonprofit that uses game-based learning to empower middle school students to develop their literacy, life, and career skills. By creating digital learning games and curriculum set in the professional world and supporting educators in creating student-centered classrooms, Read to Lead invites students to take charge of their learning.

Through the free and open Read to Lead digital learning platform, students learn to "be the boss" in a variety of career worlds. As they become immersed in their virtual workplace, they must read closely, think critically, lead a diverse team, and solve complex problems. Read to Lead is unique in that it provides teachers with a holistic and proven model to engage their students in literacy, social emotional learning, and career exploration at the critical middle school moment.

"We are deeply grateful for the McCormick Family Foundation and its dedicated partnership with Read to Lead. Thanks to the Foundation’s support of our innovation and growth initiatives, Read to Lead has provided teachers with the curriculum, tools and support they need to impact over 1 million middle school students nationwide. We are grateful for the Foundation's collaborative approach, providing expertise, funding and ideation to drive our collective efforts to scale our impact and help create the next generation of readers and leaders."

- Christina Oliver, Executive Director, Read to Lead